zondag 31 mei 2009

Queen minus Paul Rogers Part 2

I think it is a shame that Paul left Queen. He was a great front man for Queen bringing his own talents to a great band. Paul was a big influence for Freddy Mercury when Paul was still the front man of the band Free in the 70ties.

Paul brought a Bluesy edge to the Queen repertoire. Queen fans had a hard time embracing Paul because Freddy was ´the singer` of Queen. But Paul did a great tribute to a great singer. Looking forward to new music by Rodgers. Queen will live on in Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Queen minus Paul Rogers Part 1

Paul Rodgers leaves Queen. The super group Queen and Paul Rodgers released 2 live registrations and an studio album. What started as a one off performance at the UK Music hall of fame awards in 2004, ended up to be a successful partnership. After two world tours Rodgers wants to focus on Bad Company.
Bad Company is heading out for a 10 date summer tour of the US.
Queen has not toured since 1986 due to Freddy Mercury’s illness, that led to his death in 1991. Queen has been on hiatus then. With Paul they had an newborn success.


Stick it to the man… Part 2


Big Music companies have influence over most major bands. This leading to an artist having less control over their own music. This leading to much legal issues with record companies. One of the first artists to stand up against the big company’s was Prince who changed his name to TAFKAP to release the albums he wanted to. George Michael followed him with a dispute against Sony.

Now artists can use internet to let their music be heard. I think the big company’s should be stopped from abusing artist just for the money. Music has to be art not a product. My thought is that artist have to use the internet for their career. Because the can distribute their own music this way.

Stick it to the man… Part 1

Dangermouse the man behind Gnarlz Barkley (better known for their song Crazy), will release a blank CD. The CD is meant for an album called Dark Night Of the Soul. Why release a blank CD? Well because of Legal Issues with EMI.
These issues caused the project to derail. Dangermouse still wants the world to hear his album, so he released the album as a free legal stream on the website of the US radio station NPR. The album will not be released by EMI so this way the album will be heard by the public.

Child Files Part 2

Having been in the world of social work, I was always interested in teenagers and the problems revolving around them. This article gives me an idea that this will work in Holland too because of the problems with Bureau Jeugdzorg. It shows me how far England is with this subject.

I think this will help social workers to better help the children. And better strategize the care for children so that a lot of social workers don’t mess up each other’s work. It gives them the advantage of being up to date on the problem Teens.

Child Files Part 1

Child Files
A Controversial Database (Contact Point) had become available. England has a new database, it a filled with children. The system was a response of a report following the death of Victoria Climblie, she was abused by her great aunt and her boyfriends.
The system was delayed twice, first for security reasons. The second time it was delayed by the ministers. The System will applied to Authorities in the North West of England before being introduced in the rest of England.

The system is setup so children will slip through the net. The children that are in the database are in contact with other government service. This can save five million hours of professional time.

maandag 18 mei 2009

Manga Bible part 2

I personally think setting up Jesus as an action hero is not a way to get people to read the bible or take it seriously.

I am not a man who follows religion, but I think this is nothing more than a commercial stunt to sell more comics. I agree this form of bible appeals to a younger audience, but the question remains will the comic really get the children into Christianity, or will it just be a good story to read?

This is the first time I made a blog out of a video article. But I found the article so intriguing that I had to use it.


Manga Bible Part 1

Manga Bible

Article Summary
Christianity has found a new way to reach children. They use the power of Manga, author Bavin Akasiku thinks this will get teens interested in the bible. He took out all the “boring” pieces, this so it will appeal to the children.

This gives a totally new look on the bible, Bavin Hopes more teens will read this. Some Evangelical Christian group sees this as inappropriate because the stories are filled with action and this way the bible could be misinterpreted. Yolanda Szwedowska (RE Teac her at Twyford school) shares these concerns because. The students of Twyford School are enthusiastic about the manga bible because they find it better than the original.


zaterdag 16 mei 2009

The Big Switch part 2

I have watched the first and second episode, and I quite enjoyed it.

I liked the idea that a man is stuck in a woman’s body. I think it would be weird to be a man in a woman’s body. This series makes me think about the strange situations this would bring. This series is a 4 part that concludes on the 22nd of May. A combination of Drama and Humor is what you are getting.

Veronica turning her husband away, while finding out the comfort of a vibrator. A lot of new experiences for Danny in his struggle to find himself, in the form of Veronica in his body. How will this end?

The Big Switch part 1

The Big Switch
http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv-entertainment/tv/todays-tv/2009/05/01/boy-meets-girl-itv1-itv-hd-9pm-115875-21322070/Imagine you are trapped in a body that is not your own. This is what happens to Danny after a thunderstorm. Danny wakes up in the hospital but everything has changed, he is fashion reporter Veronica a beautiful woman from the upper-class.

Martin Freeman and Rachael Stirling star in a new ITV television series Boy meets Girl. Rachael Stirling (daughter of Bond girl and avenger star Diana Riggs). Has the most screen time in the first episode. Danny is a working class man who discovers life in the upper-class through the eyes of Veronica. Danny is a typical man in a woman’s body exploring his new body. This series will sweep you along for the ride.

zaterdag 2 mei 2009

The many faces of Sacha Baron Cohen part 2

Ali G

Sacha himself

Personal Opinion

I liked the character of Ali G because he was over the top. He was the only Cohan Character until now to make me laugh. I am very curious about the exploits of Bruno. Especially because I tried everything to avoid the movie that was made about Borat. The only time I saw it I was drunk. But I would never see the movie sober. I thought that movie was rude and disgusting especially the scene where 2 naked hairy men wrestle each other. I hope he does a better job with the new movie. I think this is going to be a Baron success.

The many faces of Sacha Baron Cohen part 1


Article Summary

Sacha Baron Cohan the man with many faces had done it again. He found a way to shock audiences with his new character Bruno, a fashion journalist from Austria. Baron is well known for his alter ego’s Ali G the wigger and Borat. Both got a feature movie. Now it is Bruno’s turn to conquer the world in his movie.

Baron is a shy type in real life but in his alter ego’s he pulls all stops. All his characters have the ability to shock the audience by their remarks. This made the Previews for Bruno’s movie a lot of publicity. Bruno tries to put homophobia to the table. Lots of publicity was already made for Bruno. In Fort Smith Arkansas for instance, there was a promise of one dollar beer and blue collar brawling. The spectators expected to see a good old fashion brawl but ended up with a cage fight that ended in the two contestants stripping down in underwear, kissing and rubbing each other.