dinsdag 28 april 2009

UK Lowest on Youth Wellbeingn Part 2

Personal Reaction

In our UK OK Class last week we talked about the curriculum on English schools, in this lecture we found out that the Curriculum was lacking the basic social structure. It was mostly driven on results. No wonder the UK ended at a 24 spot. I hope the new plans for the School curriculum will make a difference.

I think a more social structure in school would be preferable. I think the world is lacking a social structure. It is more business that social, commercialism is a thing of the future, and everything revolves around it. I think commercialism will destroy our way of life. Our politicians are no longer running a country but a business. All they care about is the amounts of money running through the country. People should care more about other people and this has to start at school.

UK Lowest on Youth Wellbeingn Part 1

Article Summary
In a table of Youth wellbeing in 29 European states the UK has been Ranked 24.

1 Netherlands
2 Sweden
3 Norway
4 Iceland
5 Finland
24 United Kingdom
29 Malta

This table was compiled by York University. The age group was 0-19 the group used mostly 2006 data. Included in the study was how children felt about life, school and relationships. Also the pressure of schoolwork was included in to the measurement. Number 1 in the table was the Netherlands followed by Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland as a ranking top 5. Putting the UK on the 24th spot. The worst school is Malta on a 29th spot.

dinsdag 21 april 2009

Teenagers Kill pt 2

Personal Opinion

When I first read this article I was shocked. How can people plan a murder in cold blood, especially at that age? It is scary to think that all morals have gone. When I was 18 the thought never crossed my mind to kill someone, this is a sign that youths are becoming more violent and ruthless. A few years ago you could get beaten up (what is also just as worse, but you live), now a days they just stab you. This morning
I read in a Dutch paper a piece about the Dutch teenagers, this involving the threats made to bus drivers and even stabbing bus drivers and railway conductors. If this is where the youth is heading for, what will our world look like when they are the adults?

Teenagers Kill pt 1 (Speakers Corner Article)

Summary Article


A gang of teenagers between the ages of 17 and 19 killed a boy (Shakilus Townsend). Townsend aged 15 was beaten by a baseball bat and stabbed. The attack took place last year but the trail takes place today. The gang lured him to a quite place with the help of a 17 year old girl. This was the girlfriend of Danny McLean one of the accused. Danny aged 18 is accused together with Tyrell Ellis (19), Andre Johnson Haynes (18) the accused deny the murder.
They found the accused via the cell phone of the girl, because she called McLean. This was a murder planned and executed by teenagers.

zaterdag 18 april 2009

Bye Bye paedophile part 2

Personal Reaction

In the first part I summarized the story of 43 old David Bye who was caught and charged with child pornography and child abuse.
Personally I am glad that the police is keen on catching pedophiles because I think it is the most cowardly thing any man can do. Praying in little children is weak, because they cannot give any resistance. The children will be traumatized for years.
A few years ago I did a study on child pornography for a class in school. I did that with a group of fellow students. This study included child sex traffic in Thailand.
Also it covered pedophiles; we found out that it is a sexual preference just like being gay, so they are born with those feelings. This does not give them the right to traumatize young children and destroy their lives.

Bye is a calculated and cold hearted criminal as far as I am concerned and I am glad he got caught.

Bye Bye paedophile part 1

Summary Article

43 year old David Bye was arrested for rape and child pornography. He was caught after a thousand pictures of children were found on his computer. The children were aged 6 to 12, he took 202 pictures of 10 children himself. Some pictures showed him raping and assaulting a young girl.

He targeted single mothers, his first step was making friends with the mothers. This by being a sympathetic person and a listening to the difficult situations of the mothers, his daughter helped his disguise as a single parent. After he won the parent’s confidence he moved to the child. He befriended the children by giving them gifts like a new bike or a remote controlled car.

Eventually Bye was caught because of the pictures on his computer. His lawyer Ian Ibrahim stated that Bye left the pictures on his computer on purpose because he wanted to be stopped.

My blog xperience 1: The beginning

I blogged on hyves and on punt.nl, mostly personal blog when something was bothering me or just to get my opinion out there. On Hyves i am a regular visitor on a political hyve where people can react on how the political world is doing or how the rest of the world is doing. My biggest running topic was about the non smoking law.

I am very exited to start writing blogs for school.

To Be Continued....