zondag 14 juni 2009

My blog xperience 2: The End?

My Blog xperience for UK OK really helped my writing. I had to summarize a text so i had to look at the important parts of the text. I took articles that interested me that made it easier to summarize.

I wil continue Blogging on my own blog now that i have the hang of it. http://garfield2007.punt.nl/

Can’t touch this? part 2

I agree with the teachers. I think you should be able to console a distressed pupil without being afraid of the concequenses. In the way we live our live today we are already distant from each other. A teacher is supposed to be a factor in the upbringing of a pupil, this means to me that we should be able to help the pupils in anyway possible.

I feel that something must be done about this, but what i have no idea. Teachers should not be the distant persons infront of a class, just worrying about the school curiculum.

Can’t touch this? Part 1

Head Teacher David Thorley has been convicted of nine charges of sexual touching of pupils. This changed the way male teachers aproach Pupils. Male teachers are afraid to help pupils in distress because of the implications and their career.

The lines between what is appropriate and not appropriate is a thin line. Male Teachers are afraid that contact can be wrongly interperted .

Male teachers want to help children in distress, but think it is best to keep distance. "The most I would do these days is sit next to an upset child - that's it and I'd never ever allow myself to be in a classroom or anywhere else alone with a child." Some teachers are conflicted between being a profesional and a human being. "The most I would do these days is sit next to an upset child - that's it," A male teacher can no longer give comfort. Male teachers are seen les and les in the register of the General Teaching Council.

A New Bond part 2

I am a big fan of James Bond. I never really read the books only Casino Royale. Recently i collected all the books to read them. It was then when i found this article. I ordered the novel but have no time to read it yet. Curiousity overtook me when i read this article that is why i ordered this book.

I grew up with Bond and liked the movies and not always a big reader. The last years i have been reading more so this is the best time to start reading the James Bond Novels. In the Films the Books could never be used as story material so only characters were used. This makes the Books Unique.

A New Bond part 1

On the 27th of may the new James Bond Novel was released ‘The Devil May Care’ . This is the first novel to be officialy release under the James Bond Monicker. The writer Sebastian Faulks wrote the story in the Ian Flemming Fashion. The novel was lauched because of the Centenary of Ian Flemmings Birth.

It was lauched in a spectacular fashion, a speedboat carried model Tuuli Shipster (to be seen on the cover) and Seven copies of Devil May Care across the Thames.
The Details of the story were kept a closey-gaurded secret.

The Elements for a bond novel are all in there. A Love intrest called Poppy, A villain named Gormah (who Resembles Blofeld). Faulks was chosen by the Flemming family to write this novel. The last novel that was published Posthumously in 1966 was Octopussy and the Living Daylights.

maandag 1 juni 2009

Killing Movie Style Part 2

I think these people are mentaly Ill. What makes somebody kill someone else, espicialy this way. It has been a long discussion if movies make people act like this. Personally i think there has to be something wrong with people beforehand.

Movies do not make people kill, people make people kill. I hope these three people are going to be locked up for a very long time. I saw a lot of horror movies but it never made me kill someone who i did not like.