zaterdag 2 mei 2009

The many faces of Sacha Baron Cohen part 1


Article Summary

Sacha Baron Cohan the man with many faces had done it again. He found a way to shock audiences with his new character Bruno, a fashion journalist from Austria. Baron is well known for his alter ego’s Ali G the wigger and Borat. Both got a feature movie. Now it is Bruno’s turn to conquer the world in his movie.

Baron is a shy type in real life but in his alter ego’s he pulls all stops. All his characters have the ability to shock the audience by their remarks. This made the Previews for Bruno’s movie a lot of publicity. Bruno tries to put homophobia to the table. Lots of publicity was already made for Bruno. In Fort Smith Arkansas for instance, there was a promise of one dollar beer and blue collar brawling. The spectators expected to see a good old fashion brawl but ended up with a cage fight that ended in the two contestants stripping down in underwear, kissing and rubbing each other.

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  1. Personally, I am not a fan of this man, but I can see that he intrigues you. Good choice of words, but try to use a spell checker. There are some mistakes that could have easily been avoided.