zondag 14 juni 2009

A New Bond part 1

On the 27th of may the new James Bond Novel was released ‘The Devil May Care’ . This is the first novel to be officialy release under the James Bond Monicker. The writer Sebastian Faulks wrote the story in the Ian Flemming Fashion. The novel was lauched because of the Centenary of Ian Flemmings Birth.

It was lauched in a spectacular fashion, a speedboat carried model Tuuli Shipster (to be seen on the cover) and Seven copies of Devil May Care across the Thames.
The Details of the story were kept a closey-gaurded secret.

The Elements for a bond novel are all in there. A Love intrest called Poppy, A villain named Gormah (who Resembles Blofeld). Faulks was chosen by the Flemming family to write this novel. The last novel that was published Posthumously in 1966 was Octopussy and the Living Daylights.

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