zaterdag 18 april 2009

Bye Bye paedophile part 2

Personal Reaction

In the first part I summarized the story of 43 old David Bye who was caught and charged with child pornography and child abuse.
Personally I am glad that the police is keen on catching pedophiles because I think it is the most cowardly thing any man can do. Praying in little children is weak, because they cannot give any resistance. The children will be traumatized for years.
A few years ago I did a study on child pornography for a class in school. I did that with a group of fellow students. This study included child sex traffic in Thailand.
Also it covered pedophiles; we found out that it is a sexual preference just like being gay, so they are born with those feelings. This does not give them the right to traumatize young children and destroy their lives.

Bye is a calculated and cold hearted criminal as far as I am concerned and I am glad he got caught.

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