zaterdag 18 april 2009

Bye Bye paedophile part 1

Summary Article

43 year old David Bye was arrested for rape and child pornography. He was caught after a thousand pictures of children were found on his computer. The children were aged 6 to 12, he took 202 pictures of 10 children himself. Some pictures showed him raping and assaulting a young girl.

He targeted single mothers, his first step was making friends with the mothers. This by being a sympathetic person and a listening to the difficult situations of the mothers, his daughter helped his disguise as a single parent. After he won the parent’s confidence he moved to the child. He befriended the children by giving them gifts like a new bike or a remote controlled car.

Eventually Bye was caught because of the pictures on his computer. His lawyer Ian Ibrahim stated that Bye left the pictures on his computer on purpose because he wanted to be stopped.

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